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Emarsys Brand Guide

To achieve our ambitious goals as a global brand, we must be recognized by the world-class clients we serve as credible, innovative, forward-thinking, and smart. Achieving this reputation relies heavily on the consistency of how our brand is represented across various channels and through all types of media.

This brand guide is designed to support those who work with or represent the Emarsys brand. It provides clarity about important parts of our brand identity system and rules for how to use them. Additionally, this guide provides helpful background information and instructions for how and where to access brand assets like logos, color codes, fonts, etc., which are updated on a regular basis.


We are colorful

Logo + Claim

Let the logo breathe


Type is beautiful, and it matters

Design Elements

The fewer, the better

Powerpoint Templates

For each purpose

Icon Set

Basic Icon Set


Image Guide


Emarsys clothing and premium gifts

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